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What is the OstiGen Bone Health Program™?

OstiGen Bone Health Program™ is offered by USFP in conjunction with your healthcare provider to diagnose and reduce the risk of low bone mass/osteoporosis. This p ersonalized OstiGen ä program including periodic bone density testing, bone health advising, osteroposis prevention/treatment regime and follow-up care. The bone building and maintenance product - OstiGen™ is offered by USFP in an automatic delivery program to help you build better bones. Your physician will monitor and adjust your regimen regularly to achieve best results.

Features of the OstiGen Bone Care Program™ :

· Establish your baseline bone health

· Identify your osteoporosis risk factors early-on

· Screening and diagnosis for low-bone mass/osteoporosis

· A personalized bone care program developed by your physician

· OstiGen - an advanced organic source-derived bone-building and maintenance product

· Convenience of the monthly product delivery plan

Long-term follow-up bone care by your physician

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